Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feast or Famine

For your reading pleasure (?) I have 4 new posts. Some are long, so don't forget to keep scrolling.

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Nerd post.

I almost jumped off the couch when I saw the commercial for the new Daniel Craig movie Defiance. I wasn't excited because I am a 007 fan -- I am indifferent to Daniel Craig as an actor. I am uber-excited because I am kind of a Holocaust and WWII history nerd. I knew almost immediately what the film was about and I desperately hope the movie does this true story justice. If you do anything this year, please find some time to educate yourself on the Jewish Resistance Movement during WWII. Learning about this forgotten aspect of history changed my life forever and I am so very proud and willing to share the limited knowledge I have. I hope to some way keep the memory of those who needlessly died alive, and to showcase the bravery and power of those who chose to flee to the forests and fight battle. I would like to provide you with some references that are great reads and great movies.

The first of many books I have read about the Jewish Resistance movement. It is an incredible book that is a fast and easy read. You will learn so much and will be motivated to learn more once you read this.
Excerpt from the blurb: "When the ghetto is liquidated, these three flee to the forests and fight alongside Russian and Polish partiasan groups -- dynamiting bridges, derailing trains, and destroying power plants and waterworks. Their actions eventually lead them down a winding path to Palestine, where a struggle for independence awaits the weary yet fiercely indomitable avengers."
Amazon reference:

Don't get turned off by the fact that this film was a made for television miniseries. Don't let the fact that David Schwimmer has a small role in it discourage you -- he is incredibly good in this drama. This excellent film based on a true story shows the lengths that Jews went to "die with honor". It is simply an amazing movie and very much worth the rental. Plus, if you live in Columbus I will loan it to you.
IMDB Reference:

I also have 3 book reads to suggest if you would like to know more about the people portrayed in the film Uprising.

Resistance: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by Israel Gutman.
Amazon reference:
Excerpt from back blurb: "A riveting history of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, informed by the renowned author's personal experience, Resistance is a behind-the-scenes story of how a group of relatively unarmed, untrained ghetto inhabitants managed to lead a military revolt against the Nazi war machine. A survivor of the battle, Israel Gutman draws on diaries, letters, and underground press reports to bring this epic event to life, showing, too, how a vibrant culture shaped the young fighters whose defiance would have a far-reaching implications for the Jewish people."

The Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow edited by Raul Hilberg, Stanislaw Staron, and Josef Kermisz.
Amazon Reference:
Excerpt from the back blurb: "Adam Czerniakow was a Polish Jew who killed himself on July 23, 1942 -- on the face of it not an uncommon occurance in those times. But there is more to the story than the tragic death of one man amoung so many millions. Czerniakow was for almost three years the chairman of the Warsaw Judenreat -- a Jew, devoted to his people, who served as the Nazi-sponsored "mayor" of the Warsaw Ghetto ... This secret journal is not only the testimony of an unbearable personal burden but the documentary of the Ghetto's terminal agony."

Ghetto Diary by Janusz Korczak
Amazon Reference:
Excerpt from the back blurb: "A successful pediatrician and well-known author in his native Warsaw, he gave up a brilliant medical career to devote himself to the care of orphans. Like so many other Jews, Korczak was sent into the Warsaw Ghetto after the Nazi occupation of Poland. He immediately set up an orphanage for more than 200 children. Many of his admirers, Jewish and gentile, offered to rescue him from the ghetto, but Korczak refused to leave his small charges. When the Nazis ordered the children to board a train that was to carry them to the Treblinka death camp, Korczak went with them, despite the Nazis' offer of special treatment. His selfless behavior in caring for these children's lives and deaths has made him beloved throughout the world; he has been honored by UNESCO and commenorated on postage stamps in both Poland and Israel."

Doing pretty well and it isn't even February.

I am doing pretty well with my New Year's resolutions. I am very proud of myself! I made an appointment with my doctor who tested my Thyroid and gave me a referral for an Endocrinologist. When she got the results of my test back, she told me to stay at the same dosage of my medication and to see the Endocrinologist in May. Um, MAY? No. No thank you. I shall be calling Monday to make a more timely appointment. If I have to, I will go to a different doctor -- 3 months is not acceptable.

I also am very excited for Wednesday at 1:00pm. That is when my appointment with Tim Wendt at Consumer Credit Counseling Services is. I have done some research on reputable companies in Columbus and have heard great things about CCCS. I am going to get into an Debt Management program and get everything paid off. I can't wait to start seeing some improvement in my debt, to not live paycheck to paycheck, and actually save some money. I want to have a credit card that is not maxed out so that if I have emergency expenses (ie: car insurance deductibles) I won't have to borrow money from my parents.

2009 is looking pretty good. It went out in drama and chaos for me, but comes in with hope and positive steps toward a good year.

The car drama is finally over

I finally got my car back not on the Monday that I had hoped, but on Tuesday. She looks great and they even fixed a dent I had in the back that I done to the car myself. I didn't have the heart to tell them not to. Maybe the following drama was my Karma for not telling them to ignore the dent.

I was feeling pretty alright having to pay the $250 deductible since the repairs were so costly. This was until I arrived home and found a Subpoena in my mailbox. I was asked to appear in court because the kid who hit me was fighting the citation he received for failure to control! I lost my shit when I saw that! Luckily I received the subpoena about 2 days after the court date. I had to call the attorney the next day to make sure I wasn't in contempt of court for not appearing, which I wasn't.

Now, let's think about this for a minute. I drive about 20 miles to work one way. That night I drove home from work and drove down side roads, a 4 lane highway, a 2 lane highway, and about 4 secondary roads. I managed to control my car the whole fucking time. This kid slams on his breaks, loses control, and hits me. What exactly was he contesting? Clearly he lost control of his car. There is nothing to argue there.

Let's calculate some things here. For me, we have the 2-3 hours of standing in the freezing cold waiting for things to be cleared up the night of the accident. I can't ignore the stress and panic of the whole night, lost sleep, upset it caused my Dad who was on the phone with me, and the time Tamra and Brian took out of their lives to keep my calm and take care of me that night. Let's add onto that the 4 hours of work I missed the next day because I had to set up a rental, tow and deal with insurance issues. Also the $40 I paid for a trakphone because my cell service was down that day. I am going to add the extra day of rental fee's that insurance wouldn't cover because my car was done at 2pm on Tuesday but I was at work and couldn't pick it up. I am going to include lost sleep from the 3 calls of chiropractor offices and 2 calls from body shops I got the day my accident became public record. If I had to appear in court with this fucking subpoena, I would also have lost 8 hours of work (hmm? $13/hr versus the $14 dollars for the whole day I would have been paid to appear).

This adds up to a good $2-300 more in addition to the $25o deductible that I had to pay. This punk was expecting me to appear in court so he could fight a $35 citation? Not a ticket, a citation. I had every intention to take advantage of one of the 9 advertisements I received for law offices in one day to sue his ass for at least the deductible. I am not a mean person, and I was very lucky to walk away from the accident with no injuries and a car that could be fixed. However, I am a logical person in an illogical world. Why should I have to pay so much money because someone else couldn't control their vehicle? It doesn't make sense. I do think the stress of suing him would be more than it is worth, however I will be contacting my insurance company to see if his insurance (if he has any) will cover my deductible. This is not fair.

Greatest Ad Placement evah!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still waiting...

I just got word from the Kia body shop that they had to ask for an additional $2400.00 to fix my car. They are hoping to be done by this Monday, but they didn't sound very positive of that. Apparently they had to replace a tire, replace my suspension and do massive body work. They said that insurance agreed to pay the additional amount, which makes a grand total of $6400.00. The shop said that even if the insurance didn't pay for it, the repairs HAD to be done or the car would not be drivable. Considering I only have about $300 bucks to my name, I am so very happy insurance is paying! As long as I don't crash my rental on the freezing rain we are having this weekend, I won't post until Monday with news of the car. I am trying to not be afraid to drive in this crap, but I think I am still shell shocked from the accident. Oh well, best get over the fear as there is NO way I can walk 20+ miles to work.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Everybody is doing it

Alright, everyone I know is setting New Year's Resolutions, so I guess I better follow the crowd. I hate doing these because I never end of keeping them. I think I will shoot low for 2009 and then I won't be disappointed.

1) Take my health more seriously. I need to really but my foot down and be more aggressive about my health, especially my Thyroid problems. My health is putting a damper on my personal life and is really hindering my professional life as well.

2) Blog more. I do this every year, but I really want to accomplish this one. I get annoyed when blogs that I love don't publish for awhile, so I need to do the same.

3) Read more. I used to love reading, but reality television has gotten in the way. Steve took the challenge and set his goal at 100. I am going to be more wimpy and set my goal at 50. Feel free to join Shelfari and keep up with how I am doing and to set your own goals as well!

4) Find and go to a reputable credit counseling company. I have been under the thumb of debt that I have had for 5+ years. I can't ever seem to get a handle on it. It isn't a huge amount of money, but it is enough to ruin my credit and keep me from having any savings at all. It needs to stop. This year!

5) Go to social BBW events. I am tired of waiting for him to show up. I am going hunting!

6) Begin the process of finding a job closer to home and making the move back. I miss my family. There is nothing in C-bus keeping me here anymore. My friends are my family and I would miss them terribly, but I want to go home.

I think that is a pretty good list. For some, they could knock out that list in a month or two. For me it will take longer, but I think I can accomplish it. We will see, time will tell!! Good luck on your resolutions as well, dear readers!

Ah Ha!

Okay, not the band but the epiphany. I realized yesterday what it is I don't like about my job. It is boring. January is our busiest time of year, so I had to stop teaching and start taking phone calls. I hate it. I could never pin point what it was that I disliked. I now realize that it is the monotony of it all. Granted, you never know what kind of call you are going to get or what mood the person is going to be in. However it is always the same questions, the same bullshit answers, the same complaints, the same excuses, the same ... everything. I remember a friend of mine told me once that it is scientifically proven that some people can work at their jobs for years and years and never quit. She also said that some people can only do the same thing for a year or two before they get bored and unhappy and need to move on. I think I may be that person. The longest I stayed at a job was almost 7 years, and I was miserable most of it. The only thing that kept me there so long was changing locations, which felt like a new job. I loved being able to teach at my current job, but that won't return until well into March or so. The possibility of doing what I really want, is just not there. At least I know what it is that I don't like, maybe I can fix things.