Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Fat Rant

I have been following this Fat Rant saga on Youtube. It is very interesting and I encourage you to check it out. Just go on Youtube and search for "fat rant." I will be posting some of the videos that I have seen and have been impressed with. It is definitely interesting to see how people are reacting to the video and what they have to say about it. When I have more time I will elaborate with my very own fat rant as well. Although it won't be on video... Send me your rants if you'd like and I will post 'em here!

290 22/24

she is my hero. worship her!

Monday, March 19, 2007

How do you type with a Dog in your face??

Hello all!! Well, I am updating my blog to tell you that I won't be updating my blog... Hee hee!

Actually, On Tuesday I am starting my 'other' job again. You know, the test grading thing. Any who, I will be working pretty much all day and everyday. It kind of sucks, but the paycheck always makes it worth it.

Last time I worked 6 days at my 'real' job instead of 5 to make up the time I was losing by only working 4-11. I am not going to do that this time around, I nearly died! Fuck it and fuck that place.

I have been dog/house sitting for relatives this weekend which has been wonderful. I took off work since they live 30 minutes out of Columbus, so I have just been vegging out and relaxing before the hellish work month begins.

Of course, I stopped by my apartment today since I had to be in town to go to a doctor's appointment and my cable was out. I worried that maybe I didn't pay my bill, but I did. After various tries to get someone on the phone I finally got a woman who told me that they would have to come inside my apartment to check things. How the hell is that going to happen when I am working 8:15am-11pm everyday? I told her that I would call back later when I can work something out. Blah!! So now I am without TV or Internet. I can live without television if I have Internet because most of the shows I watch are available online. But without BOTH??? Shit this sucks!!

Many people have asked me what happened with the music manager job and why I didn't get it. Well, I am almost sick of talking about it to me honest. I was very upset about the whole thing. I felt betrayed, I was lied to, and I was fucked over. It isn't that I had my heart set on being the MM (music manager), it would have been a horribly mind numbing, boring ass job. What I really want is to be a Department Manager. However, I doubt that will ever happen.

So lets see, what happened. Well, more or less my cunt fucking asshole of a manager told me she was interviewing many candidates and I was one of them. She interviewed me on a Wednesday. The next Monday she went on vacation for a week. That next Monday, the new MM started. What the fuck?? At what point does she wants me to believe that she never hired this socially awkward, quiet, and shy woman before my interview? This woman fucking transferred from MICHIGAN!! I am supposed to believe that during her ONE WEEK vacation, "cunt fucking asshole" called "socially awkward" and offered her a job. Then "S.A" moved to Ohio, got settled and started the next Monday. How fucking stupid does "cunt fucking asshole" think I am?

Clearly, this bitch was hired before I was even interviewed. So not only was I lied to, I was humiliated my even being interviewed. The reason I didn't get the job? I am not a leader. What the fuck? The MM now has yet to even introduce herself to me. How is that a leader? Oh, and how am I supposed to lead when I have no one to lead? And what is "leading" exactly? Is is training someone? - I do that. Is is knowing your stuff? - I do that. Is it working as a team? - I do that (and better than our current management team0. It is like don't fucking tell someone that they don't deserve a job because they do not manage a staff if they have no staff to manage!

I know that there are some people who think that I should not look at this whole fiasco so poorly. Some people have said, "I am sure she was just trying to give you a chance." What kind of chance would I have against someone who was an assistant manager? Yeah, that's right. The new MM had to transfer from another store where she was an AM.

I just wish "cunt fucking asshole" would have just not even interviewed me. I stood no chance and she clearly had no intention of hiring me. She has pulled this shit once already. How does that saying go? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me three times ... I fucking quit and am slashing your tires.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Too good for management

Well today was just awful. Filled with tears, nausea and fury. I am so upset in fact that I can not even process it enough to put into words. I will write the whole fucking story later, I promise.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

All about Scarlet

The above picture is my car, Scarlet. She and I go everywhere together and lately we have been having some very interesting adventures. Things have been SO CRAZY in fact, that she has asked to write her very own blog. So without any further ado, I give you Scarlet the Harlot.

Hello lothian's friends,

How are you? I am not so fine. Well, I am okay now. However, Lothian and I have had quite an interesting week. Why don't we start at the beginning, shall we?
On Sunday Lothian and I stopped over at Tim and Ron's house. Lothian watched the Oscar's and drank too much wine while I sat outside and mingled with the other auto's around. It turns out Ron's car has seen him do some very unladylike things inside of her. However, she swore me to secrecy, so I can't spill the beans.
Anywho, on the way home we hit a pothole with my right wheel. It hurt really really bad. The fucking hole was filled with water so Lothian couldn't see it but when we hit it, we hit hard. I cried a lot. The next day Lothian slept in, so she didn't notice something wrong with my shoe. However, on Tuesday Lothian got up to go to work and saw that my tire was kind of low/flat. Lothian called off work and took me to Walmart to get a new shoe (tire). They propped me up and looked under me. It was very embarrassing, but I was brave. It turned out that the man at Walmart could not fix me because my rim on the tire was bent.
Lothian then drove me to the dealership (where she found me at) and asked those men to fix me. They had to special order a rim for me because I am special, and they couldn't fix me that day. So, Lothian drove to a NAPA auto parts store and bought me some 'fix a flat' stuff to keep the air in my wheel and we went to work.
The next day (Wednesday) Lothian took me to the dealership and the nice men fixed me up. I had a hole in my power steering line too (from hitting the hole), so Lothian had to pay for them to fix that too. She told me that the whole experience cost over $200.00!! As they say, "I am not a cheap date," that is for sure!
Needless to say, Lothian is going to report the incident to the state of Ohio and hopefully get some apologies and money back over the entire thing.

You would think that was enough to happen in one week, but NOPE!! Just tonight (Saturday) Lothian had to close at her job. Apparently people were calling the store to tell her that the normal way we go home, I-71, was closed down due to ice and car accidents. Lothian was not too happy about that because it meant we had to take the long way home.
At about 11:45pm Lothian and I headed for home. We drove onto a road called Sancus and took another road called Lazelle. Soon Lothian would make a terrible decision. Instead of driving down Lazelle to High Street and then High Street to Morse Road, Loth decided to take a shortcut since the roads didn't seem too bad. All was going well until she saw that traffic was backed up at the upcoming light at High Street. She knew she had to begin stopping right away and far back behind the other cars because if she slid, she did not want to slide into someone.
Suddenly it happened!! I hit some sort of black ice or something. Lothian tapped/pumped the brakes like she was supposed to in icy/snowy weather, but I began to slide off the side of the road. She tried flooring the break and turning my wheel, but no to avail. We slid (luckily we were only going 25-30 mph) into a small ditch. However, we didn't stop. We continued sliding through the ditch and over someone's driveway. We narrowly missed hitting someone's mailbox! Eventually we hit a "City corporation" sign straight on. Luckily we stopped there. We got stuck for a few minutes in the small ditch and Lothian had to keep putting me in drive and then reverse and back again until I finally got out of the ditch.
We were both really really scared!! We had never been in a car accident before!! Lothian did not know what to do and she was shaking. She put me in park in the driveway that we sort of flew over. She looked all over me but did not see anything wrong. She tried to call her friend Renee to see what she should do, but Renee did not answer and she did not want to try and wake her up since it was late. So, Lothian called her parents who told her that since I did not get hurt, SHE did not get hurt, and we did not hurt anyone or anything else (except that poor sign) that we did not have to report it and that we should just go home.
Lothian drove me home really slowly and carefully. Even more carefully than she was driving before. I did not like going so slow, but I did not like hitting a sign either! Needless to say, we got home alright and Loth called her daddy as soon as we arrived. He is a nice man, who helps Lothian take really go care of me. He spoils me and puts all sorts of liquids and lubes and things on me to keep me happy.
Lothian was pretty shaken up (and I have to admit I was too) and needed a beer to calm her down. She said that she was not going to be able to sleep for a while and that she was going to blog about our first car accident. After explaining to me what blogging is, I asked her if I could write the story. She told me that since I saved her life tonight and had been through so much trauma this week that I could.
Well, it has been nice talking with you. Please take it easy on Lothian this week. She and I have been through a lot these past few days! It hasn't all been about me either. She hasn't told you yet, but I don't think her interview for the music manager position went very well ... But remember, you didn't that hear that from me. Anyway, Take care! And if you see me at one of Loth's friends houses or in the parking lot at work, give me a pat or a kiss. I have had a shitty week.

see you soon!,