Tuesday, August 29, 2006

His holy Pug-ness



Monday, August 28, 2006

Deep thoughts.

So, one has some free time to think when they are slacking off at work. A while back, I made a short list of things I like, weird things I do, and other random thoughts. Like the ape above, I thought really hard about these things and may have hurt myself at some point.

**Please share your deep thoughts, etc and I will add them to my post. Wierdos unite!**
**I think I will update this periodically as I find more quirks about myself**

- I have an unquenchable desire to unbend perfectly good paperclips.
- I like to stare at people when they are talking loudly on their cell phones and I react to what they are saying.
- I like to give people the finger when I drive.
- I feel the need to peel the label off of all the bottled beverages I consume.
- Brand new Sharpie Pens make me really happy.
- I often spend too long wondering what path that pen from "Hotel Pontchartrain" in Detroit Michigan took to get onto my desk.
- Grown women who chomp and smack their bubble gum irritate the hell out of me.
- I have to wash pre-packaged underwear before wearing them because I don't know where inspector #457's hands have been.
- I hate Sudoku puzzles and the left-brained number loving freaks who do them.
- I like to contemplate the need and/or usage one has for a moustache. Because they certainly are not cute.
- Female Opera singers make my ears bleed.
- Male Opera singers confuse me.
- Dogs who hump my leg make me really uncomfortable.
- I want to strangle people when the interrupt me.
- Gay guys are the only men I am comfortable around.
- I have a confusing obsession with Pope John Paul III.
- The new Pope gives me the creeps.
- I often think Hackers know I am online and are waiting to take over my computer.
- I always screw things up when I try to do the self-checkout at Kroger.
- Watching movies with sex scenes in the company of my parents is really really weird.
- I have an unhealthy addiction to popsicles.
- Loud noises and places make me crabby.
- I can't stand waiting in traffic, I get unnaturally angry.
- I don't know why, but I love watching the tv show Dog The Bounty Hunter.
- I can't stand magicians. They freak me out and make me mildly angry.
- Air conditioning both fascinates and confuses me.

... more to come.


So, as many of you know we had tornado warnings all around Columbus tonight. A full on, Meterologist getting a boner, sirens blaring, tornado warning.

Of course I was working tonight at the store. Not where I envisioned my last day on this earth, however not surprising that I would die somewhere that dreams of ripping the life out of my soul and shitting on the withered remains.

I got off track, my point is this. Much like the assholes to my left, no one in the store seemed to care. Now, I was not worried and in fact found the whole thing kind of fun. However once I saw the stupid Oprah watching, SUV driving, soccer mom idiots bringing their kids into the store I had enough.

Okay, so you are lost in a good book and do not notice the sirens blaring in your ear -- fine. You are a fearless moron whose last wish is to die at a bookstore reading Penthouse letters and sucking on a venti Java Chip Frappuchino -- fine. You are afraid of the storm and think it safer to stay inside than try to drive in the terrifying drizzle -- fine. But if you are a bored parent who can't stand a single moment more in the company of your drippy, smelly kids -- take them to the bookstore and hope to God you get blown away in the process?

These are the same idiots who are surprised when their house on wheels goes sailing past the local Walmart with them still inside.

(newscaster): "So Jim Bob, when did you decide the situation was too dangerous and that you needed to get somewhere safe?"

*spits out his tobaccy and scratches his balls*

"Wall Mizz Chong, I done thunk eet 'twas bad whan mah trayleeor started a-shakin' an movin' all by it's lonesome. I says to mah sistah who also be mah wife, I says 'jewdie, we bess get on up outta here. Dis bitch gonna blow 'way'. So, we done ran up da heel thar to mah uncle's house. He got one of them thar basements. We done got thar just in time tah see mah fav-or-ite prize heffer Lucy go sailin' by. Boy, I tells ya Mizz Chong -- I's never thunk this evah done happen tah me. I's as sue-prized as mah daddy/brother was when I was done born with these here flippers. Shoo-ee, Boy!!"

PS-- the links I put in this post might be of interest clicking on. Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Um, Bless you?

Panda sneeze shocker

I laughed so hard, I peed a little. I jumped like mama too!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

LOST S3 Promo version 1

Panty creamer

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Oh! I just wet myself a little bit!!

Damn, I can't wait for the new season. I was getting a little bored with the show, and wasn't excited until I saw this poster. Man, my Hobbit boyfriend looks F.I.N.E. Thanks to D-Listed for the picture.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sorry about the changes

Well, you found me! Sorry I had to make the change, but I felt it necessary. I have since erased all the posts that have gotten me in trouble in the first place. This way no one gets hurt, and I can fucking move on. Thanks for following me here. I feel kind of shitty today so no Project Runway post until the weekend. But boy do I have alot to say about that!!!
south park &harry potter

this should counteract my anger

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and sometimes it gets the trash heap.

So, I woke up a few minutes ago thinking about work and being pissed off. I figured before I go and close on a Saturday night, I best get things off my chest. Maybe I won't be so pissed by the time I get to work.

I know many people from my workplace read this, and at this point I don't particularly care if someone gets offended or not. This is my space to do and say what I will.

I don't have the time or the energy to delve into the main reason why my job sucks right now. It is complicated and long. But I want to bitch about a small aspect of it that has gotten my knickers into a knot.

The Fucking vacuuming! I almost always close on Sunday nights, and we as a staff have to vacuum every Thursday and Sunday night. Now, at my other store we had to clean the bathrooms too, so this is not a huge deal to me really. However, I don't think we should have to do it. That is why we have a cleaning staff that comes in and does a shitty job every morning.

But alas, certain people still refuse to do the vacuuming at night. The same people, over and over again are forced to do it. One night, a staff member complained to me about it. She said that she is always the one to sweep at night, and others never do it. As a lead (supervisor to those not in the bookstore know how) I do not feel as though I am responsible to assign this every night. I am a glorified bookseller with no fucking authority. However, I thought it IS my responsibility to bring this complaint to the managers and offer a sort of solution.

However, the managers do not take it upon themselves to ever insure that this ugly task gets done. They are glorified babysitters (that statement is gonna get me in trouble, but fuck it). Anyway, I think the mature thing to do is to go to the person who writes the daily schedule and ask her to assign sweeping like everything else gets assigned (recovery of areas, breaks, etc). She more or less said she did not want to and that people should be responsible adults to deal with the issue among themselves. I said I agreed, and I do! But apparently people can not act like civilized adults and work as a team. Working as a team is another rant for another day, though.

I more or less I thought to myself, well fuck it. I will just be a bitch and go ahead and assign someone to do it every time I work. But then I also thought, why the fuck should I care since we are paying the managers to care?

Long story even longer, once the new daily schedules are posted lo and behold myself and the person who came to me to complain are assigned to vacuum the next few nights. So, is this a fuck you? Just because I asked the manager to assign the task does not mean she has to. Once she explained to me why she didn't want to do it, I agreed with her and told her not to bother. Things were quiet for a few weeks and now she decides to start scheduling? What the fuck got up her ass? She is a lovely person, and is one of the few managers I see actually caring about things and working hard. I am on her side, but why punish me for trying to do my job and fix things?

Oh well, it seems like a small and insignificant thing -- and in a way it is. However, this vacuuming issue represents a larger and much more serious issue with this staff. I officially throw my hands up in the air and say "Fuck this place, fuck the bullshit, I give up." or is it give in? You want me to not care anymore? you got it!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Fuck your links of interest!

Sorry to add the word verification to my comments function. I got sick of the "here are some links of interest to you" bullshit. I hate that some fucking people on the internet have to ruin everything in this world. I thought I could trust people, and maybe even meet some nice new people along the way. I was really wrong.
Thanks for fucking with the one last thing a girl can do for free to express herself. Why didn't you give me a goddamn virus while you were at it?! Fuck you, you know who you are. There are unfortuately a million of you.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Don't have much to say.



what the hell, I'm gonna give it you you anyway!