Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He never did tell me what his problem was.

Yes folks, it has finally happened. Lothian has finally been cursed out on the phone. I have heard tale of a strange phenomenon where unhappy people phone call centers and curse out the poor working Joe or Josephine answering the call. I have been told that I have a sweet voice and have been able to deescalate a few angry people on my phone calls. However I have never been cursed at. I have only had one person say "this is bullshit", but never directed a me. Well, now I can officially join the ranks.

I started my new schedule at work Monday and was pretty happy about it. Instead of working four 1o hour days, I went to 8 hour days. Instead of working mornings, I am working 3:30-midnight which is more my pace anyway. My first phone call was some old man yelling about his eye drops and he was not very pleasant at all. In fact he told me, "well, there is no reason for me to say thank you since you didn't do anything." Well, sorry sir. I can't move mountains and I certainly can't fill your eye drops and drive them to your house, so deal with it. I just had to shake my head at him since he was 84 and probably going to die soon anyway.

Okay, okay!! I know that is not very nice to say, but sometimes when people are mean ... your brain goes there.

Anyway, the rest of the night was cranky Monday people. Pretty typical until I got Mr sunshine on the line. He demanded that I connect him with the Texas call center. Maybe he doesn't like Ohioans? Anyway, when calls come in they go to the next available representative. This way the member doesn't have to wait forever for assistance. That rep could be in Ohio, Nevada, Tampa or Texas. I have no way of transferring him to a specific center. I simply can't.

After going back and fourth with him telling me this was something I could do, and me telling him "no really, I can't." He yelled "Fuck You! get me to the Texas call center I am tired of this bullshit!" Now, it took all of my super human powers to not tell him where he can shove the Texas call center. As many of you know, I can curse with the best of them. Believe me, if I could have passed his sorry ass off to someone else I would have immediately.

Well ... pass him off is exactly what I did. We are not allowed to offer supervisors, the asshole has to ask for them. However, I am NOT GOING TO BE TREATED LIKE DIRT. I transferred him off and the poor supervisor got an ear full too. Bless her heart, she is a bigger woman than I am because I could never tolerate someone telling me "do as your told, get me to the Texas call center!"

Do as I am told? Aw Hells NO!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

an open letter

Dear Joshua Garmon* of Dennis Hyundai on Morse Road,
I was sorry to not end up buying a car from you when I was in the market for a new car. You seemed like a really nice guy. You told us you were going to school to be a minister and I believe you. I will even confess that I really wanted to buy the Outlander from you.
However, after receiving numerous phone calls from you after you knew I went with another dealer I am really starting to hate your ass. First of all, thank you for offering to move our car while we browsed models. At first, I thought it was really nice of you, until I realized it was all a tactic to get us to come inside when we were ready to leave -- you kept our keys.
I also found it interesting that you "forgot" to give my father back his drivers license after we were done running his credit. It was "miraculously" found the very next day -- so that we would have to come back to the dealership to pick it up. Please don't think I am stupid. I knew what kind of prank you were pulling and it gave me a great thrill to drive up to your dealership in my brand new Kia Rondo.
Do you realize you kept us over 3 hours at that dealership? We told you from the beginning we were not walking out of there with a car, yet you continued to hound us. We told you I could not afford to pay more than $300 a month for payments. Yet, you came back to us with figures in the $400's? We told you I did not want to lease a car, and yet you continued to crunch numbers for a lease. Not only is all of that a waste of our time, but it was a waste of yours as well.
Finally, stop calling me! It is none of your Goddamn business "what kind of deal" Kia gave me. It was better than the one you gave me! It is harassment to continue calling, and rude to ask how much I payed for the car. Originally, I was going to recommend you to others. Not any more. I would have thought that after the first 3 phone calls I didn't return, you would have gotten the point. If you call me just one more time, not only will I report you to your boss, but I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against the entire dealership and your shady tactics.

Got it?!

*his real name and phone number 614-905-9838 (updated phone number)

Click Click click by NKOTB

Not bad. The lyrics are strange -- "put your face on. Playing with your makeup."