Monday, November 24, 2008

Deadliest Catch - A Crabby Thanksgiving

I can't stop watching this, it cracks me up. I am totally going to beg Tim to make some King Crab for Thanksgiving. I mean, how could I deny such hard working men?! So Steve, is it more fun with a mallet?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nothing exciting going on in my life, so please visit some of the great places I visit on a daily basis!

CRIGGO. Sort of like Headlines with Jay Leno, but funnier and without that obnoxious Jay Leno hanging around. Not many folks comment, so send them some lurve from me!

CAKE WREAKS. For the baker in all of us, these hilarious attempts at culinary greatness will have to taking your camera to the local bakery for a wreak of your very own.

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER. Again with the cuteness but with hilarious captions. Also a pretty famous site that has make me LOL. No really, I have laughed out loud.

CUTE OVERLOAD. It is cuteness to the max. A pretty famous site that cheers me up everyday.

WHY WOULD YOU KNIT THAT? A hilarious collection of knitted and crocheted monstrosities. Yes, the above shot is from the site, and YES it is exactly what you think it is. Not frequently updated, but when it is it is certainly something to see.

GIGABABY'S BUFFET. You don't have to eat it. Written by the nicest, funniest, most real person I know. (Sucking up) Visit it, seriously. You will shit a brick.

URBAN PUG. Everything Pugnacious, great links to pug-tastic information, a new addition called oopsie, and a beautiful baby girl!

PROJECT RUNGAY. For fans of the Bravo hit television show Project Runway. Don't worry now that the show is on hiatus, they are still having a gay old time over there!

I AM BORED. For when you are ... well, you know. Best place for links to funny sites, videos, and images.

A SENSE OF PLACE. Alaska, Motorcycles, Goldfish, snow, fishing, and Chico. Through his beautiful photos, Steve shows us some of the most amazing places I have ever seen of the home where my heart truly resides. I couldn't ask for more!

DEADLIEST REPORTS. Opilia works super hard to keep me up to date on all that is Deadliest Catch. Thanks a million for your site!

THE REDNECK ROMANCE WRITER. My favorite Redneck Romance Writer, Jennifer Leeland ... er, McKenzie ... well, both of them!

The Epitome of a lazy genius!

If you have ever played ball with a pup who has never ending energy, this is the contraption for you!

Thanks Cute Overload!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Customer service rep of the week. THAT is some patience!

The sad part is that people like this really do exist. I have ordered many "genetic" medications for people.