Saturday, October 11, 2008

I promise more post's in the future!!

So I have been battling my Thyroid for many, many years. Every 6 months I have to get my blood checked to see what my levels are at. Sometimes they are too high and sometimes they are too low. If your thyroid is too high, you have hypothyroidism which means your body runs really fucking slow. Too low, vise versa. Normal thyroid levels are between 0.5-5.5. My recent levels? 10.5. NO WONDER I CAN BARELY BRING MYSELF TO GET OUT OF BED EVERYDAY!! My doctor has given up on trying to level my thyroid out. I have been seeing her for about 6 years, and my previous doctor also tried to "fix me" for a few years before her. My doctor wants to check my levels again in 2 months and send me to an endocrinologist. My fear is that if medication doesn't work, they may need to remove my thyroid all together.

Along with my thyroid being too high, comes high cholesterol. My physician told me that my cholesterol is probably elevated due to my thyorid, I guess they go hand in hand. All this news is making me feel very .... fat.

I was always a healthy fat woman, and I truly believe you can be a big girl and be healthy at the same time. People have proven it time and again. Fat doesn't always = unhealthy. However, the past few years have been creeping up on me. My heart palpatations are increasing in frequency, my blood pressure is going up, and now my cholesterol. I guess it is time to try to lose some weight again, or go to more extreme measures like surgery to help my body. UGH!!

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