Sunday, January 25, 2009

Doing pretty well and it isn't even February.

I am doing pretty well with my New Year's resolutions. I am very proud of myself! I made an appointment with my doctor who tested my Thyroid and gave me a referral for an Endocrinologist. When she got the results of my test back, she told me to stay at the same dosage of my medication and to see the Endocrinologist in May. Um, MAY? No. No thank you. I shall be calling Monday to make a more timely appointment. If I have to, I will go to a different doctor -- 3 months is not acceptable.

I also am very excited for Wednesday at 1:00pm. That is when my appointment with Tim Wendt at Consumer Credit Counseling Services is. I have done some research on reputable companies in Columbus and have heard great things about CCCS. I am going to get into an Debt Management program and get everything paid off. I can't wait to start seeing some improvement in my debt, to not live paycheck to paycheck, and actually save some money. I want to have a credit card that is not maxed out so that if I have emergency expenses (ie: car insurance deductibles) I won't have to borrow money from my parents.

2009 is looking pretty good. It went out in drama and chaos for me, but comes in with hope and positive steps toward a good year.


Alaska Steve said...

Good job on your resolutions! I'm lagging behind on mine but it's a new month baby!

Lothian said...

You are doing WAY better than me on the book thing though. *embarrassed sigh*