Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still waiting...

I just got word from the Kia body shop that they had to ask for an additional $2400.00 to fix my car. They are hoping to be done by this Monday, but they didn't sound very positive of that. Apparently they had to replace a tire, replace my suspension and do massive body work. They said that insurance agreed to pay the additional amount, which makes a grand total of $6400.00. The shop said that even if the insurance didn't pay for it, the repairs HAD to be done or the car would not be drivable. Considering I only have about $300 bucks to my name, I am so very happy insurance is paying! As long as I don't crash my rental on the freezing rain we are having this weekend, I won't post until Monday with news of the car. I am trying to not be afraid to drive in this crap, but I think I am still shell shocked from the accident. Oh well, best get over the fear as there is NO way I can walk 20+ miles to work.

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