Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Everybody is doing it

Alright, everyone I know is setting New Year's Resolutions, so I guess I better follow the crowd. I hate doing these because I never end of keeping them. I think I will shoot low for 2009 and then I won't be disappointed.

1) Take my health more seriously. I need to really but my foot down and be more aggressive about my health, especially my Thyroid problems. My health is putting a damper on my personal life and is really hindering my professional life as well.

2) Blog more. I do this every year, but I really want to accomplish this one. I get annoyed when blogs that I love don't publish for awhile, so I need to do the same.

3) Read more. I used to love reading, but reality television has gotten in the way. Steve took the challenge and set his goal at 100. I am going to be more wimpy and set my goal at 50. Feel free to join Shelfari and keep up with how I am doing and to set your own goals as well!

4) Find and go to a reputable credit counseling company. I have been under the thumb of debt that I have had for 5+ years. I can't ever seem to get a handle on it. It isn't a huge amount of money, but it is enough to ruin my credit and keep me from having any savings at all. It needs to stop. This year!

5) Go to social BBW events. I am tired of waiting for him to show up. I am going hunting!

6) Begin the process of finding a job closer to home and making the move back. I miss my family. There is nothing in C-bus keeping me here anymore. My friends are my family and I would miss them terribly, but I want to go home.

I think that is a pretty good list. For some, they could knock out that list in a month or two. For me it will take longer, but I think I can accomplish it. We will see, time will tell!! Good luck on your resolutions as well, dear readers!


Timron1999 said...

I will certainly miss you if you go back home. However, I just want you to be happy.

Alaska Steve said...

That's a good list and I know you can do it! One day at a time . . . cheers, steve